Training, workshops and information sessions are available on a range of issues including working with survivors of rape, sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse, what is sexual violence and the legal response for survivors.

Women who have experienced gender based violence may show symptoms that include difficulty regulating emotions, anger and dissociation. Commonly we also see that women cope with using substances and/or self-harm. Survivors often present with feelings of powerlessness, shame and guilt. Our training looks at these issues to help survivors to move to the next stage by establishing a sense of safety and employing coping strategies to self-manage emotions and strengthen skills for managing painful memories.

If you want to enquire about training or awareness raising for your organisation please call our office on 01896 661 070 and speak to the Centre Manager, Susie Stein.

We can also offer Sexual Violence Prevention training and workshops, which look at attitudes around gender based violence and where they come from. We can deliver awareness raising workshops and information sessions to help to inform your staff or youth groups. This is also available in high schools in the Scottish Borders.