Phone & email support

We are here to listen and support you. Email and phone support can be informal or structured, depending on your needs and the options you choose for support.

If you want structured phone or email support we can arrange that for you. This works in a similar way to our face-to-face support sessions. We will contact you at a prearranged time to get some information from you that will help us assign you the right worker. You will then go on to our waiting list, and when you come to the top, we will assign you a worker according to your needs and availability. You will be offered 12 sessions. We will then decide on a time and day of the week that your worker will be available to respond to your emails or contact you by telephone. If you decide that email support best suits you, you can write to your worker as much as you want out with that time but she will only be able to respond at the time arranged. You can also contact us by telephone out with your prearranged time and if a worker is available they will be able to talk to you if you have questions or are struggling between your sessions.

Most people prefer to use our email support service in a less formal way. You can email us when you want to and one of our trained workers will respond when a worker is available. You can use this service to get additional support between sessions. For some women who find using the telephone difficult, this is another option to get support in a format that suits you. Email us at or call us at the office on 01896 661 070.