How can we help?

Face-to-face support

If you feel that you want to speak to someone in person we have a face-to-face support service that might be right for you. We offer structured sessions at a time that’s suitable for you.

Phone & email support

If you want structured phone or email support we can arrange that for you. This works in a similar way to our face-to-face support sessions. We will contact you at a prearranged time to get some information from you that will help us assign you the right worker.

Groupwork - Butterfly Project

In addition to the individual face-to-face support we also run a group programme called the Butterfly Project. Survivors can progress on to group work when their individual support comes to an end, allowing them to continue their recovery journey and to work on issues which they may still be struggling with. The Butterfly Project is a 10-weekly group session.

Support for friends, family & partners

Apart from traumatising survivors, sexual violence has a ripple effect which impacts many of the people around the survivor. We fully recognise that it is often very difficult for partners, family members, and friends.

Advocacy & support project

The Advocacy Worker works with survivors who have engaged, or are considering engaging, with the criminal justice system following a sexual crime. She can meet with you face to face, or talk to you over the phone or through email. Any discussions are covered by the same Confidentiality Policy as any other contact you have with the centre.

Useful links

A list of useful Sexual violence organisations and services that offer support and advice to both male and females