About us


“Our vision is an end to violence, in all its forms, against women and girls”

Mission statement

SBRCC's purpose is to provide support to women and girls aged over 12 years, their families, friends and the wider community in the Scottish Borders so that all can live free from the causes and consequences of sexual abuse. We will work ethically, and with others, to challenge and prevent rape and sexual violence. Our services will provide, support ,information and advocacy to empower survivors.


  1. We consider that sexual violence is an abuse of power, not an expression of love or desire
  2. Women who have experienced sexual abuse are survivors not victims
  3. We will treat everyone with respect and integrity. Equality and empowerment will underpin everything we do
  4. We will provide a safe, non-threatening environment where women and girls can talk freely and in confidence; we believe that an all-female organisation offers the most appropriate and secure support to women survivors
  5. Services will be based on what survivors tell us they need to support them, to enable them to take their own steps towards reclaiming control of their lives
  6. We will use our resources to provide the best possible service

Background, principles & purpose


In 2008, Rape Crisis Scotland (RCS) applied to the Scottish Government for development funds to continue their national development programme.  RCS had identified the Scottish Borders as a priority area for development of a new rape crisis service and secured the funds to start and sustain this process.  The main aim of the new Rape Crisis Centre was to provide a support service for women and girls who had experienced sexual violence. Scottish Borders Rape Crisis Centre became an autonomous organisation, a company limited by guarantee with charitable status, directed by a board of volunteer trustees, in April 2010.  This was achieved by working in close partnership with Rape Crisis Scotland, Scottish Borders Council and the many other local partners who gave strong support.

Principles & purpose

Scottish Borders Rape Crisis Centre (SBRCC) provides a safe, non-threatening environment where women and girls can talk freely and in confidence.  We support all women and girls aged 12 and over who have experienced rape or any aspect of sexual violence, either recently or in the past. We work in partnership with others towards the elimination of violence against women.

We are an all-women organisation, believing that this allows us to offer the most appropriate and secure support to women and girls affected by rape or sexual violence.  While we acknowledge that men experience rape and sexual violence, we also know that most incidents are committed against women by men, and it is to women that our efforts are directed.  

Rape and sexual violence are crimes of violence against women and girls, manifesting inequality in our society.  Redressing this inequality defines our work with women and girls who have experienced rape or sexual violence.

We aim:

  • To enable our service users to take their own steps towards reclaiming control of their lives;
  • To support them through information, listening, and acceptance as they make choices for themselves; and
  • To embody the principles of equality and empowerment in all we do.

Our services are free of charge and consist of:

  • Face to face support sessions, at our offices or other suitable venues in the Borders, or by telephone or email
  • Provision of information to those affected by rape or sexual violence, or to others related to them or working with them in a professional capacity.  

We monitor the uptake, effectiveness, and efficiency of all of our services and in light of feedback we adjust and develop our services.

Our services are provided by trained local volunteers, co-ordinated and supervised by an experienced member of staff.  Confidentiality is paramount, with the exception of any information relating to issues of child or adult protection where the law requires us to take certain actions.

SBRCC is a registered Scottish charity and company limited by guarantee, with a board of trustees, all of whom are women living in the Borders.

Rape Crisis Scotland

Background & history

Rape Crisis Scotland (RCS) is the national office for rape and sexual abuse centres throughout Scotland and forms part of a global Rape Crisis movement.  It was set up in 2003.

Until late 2006, local Centers in Scotland which were affiliated to Rape Crisis Scotland, formed the Scottish Rape Crisis Network (SRCN).  In 2006 it was agreed to incorporate the SRCN title into the generic Rape Crisis Scotland name. This name now constitutes both the Scottish National Office and also the Network of member Centers. 

Each member Centre of Rape Crisis Scotland operates independently of the others.  Some Centers still operate as collectives, while others, including SBRCC, have management structures.  Currently, each Centre receives some Scottish Government funding through RCS, but is also responsible for generating other required funding. 

Each centre operates in slightly different ways from every other Centre, e.g. some centres like SBRCC make their address widely available whereas others provide it on a need to know basis.

Aims & objectives

Rape Crisis Scotland aims to:

  • Help develop and sustain a solid infrastructure for the rape crisis movement in Scotland
  • Work with member groups to ensure that survivors are offered consistent, high quality support throughout Scotland
  • Assist in the development of new rape crisis provision around Scotland
  • Work to address prejudicial attitudes towards female survivors of sexual violence on an agency, societal and institutional level

For more information on Rape Crisis Scotland and the work of rape crisis centers in Scotland, please visit their website.

Staff team

The centre is run by the Service Manager, Susie Stein, and supported by 6 members of staff, a Support & Advocacy Worker, Development Worker, Prevention Worker, Support Worker, Outreach Support Worker and an Admin/Finance Assistant .

Our direct support work is carried out a mixture of staff and trained Volunteer Support Workers. If you are interested in volunteering check out our volunteering opportunities.

The service is governed by a Board of Trustees (Directors)

Dorothy West – Chair

Alana Notman - Vice Chair

Louise Whittle – Treasurer

Plus 8 additional Trustees